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A new space to talk more about interests past, present and future. You’ll find lots of prior career work from back in the day, musings, and projects in the physical and digital spaces.

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Teaching Advanced HTML & CSS

Way back in 2009 I was fortunate to teach a group of really talented students what I knew about HTML & CSS. I ended up learning more than I taught.

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Prototype 2 pedalectric trike

We've reached the tipping point

My urban planning work helped me see opportunities in alternative transportation. The M1 e-trike is my take on solving the "local trips" problem.

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Grid Layout. Catching up with CSS

Just a few years ago, one could not use CSS Grid or Flexbox in any serious public website.. That’s all changed, and opened up a world of flexibility. Let’s see how CSS Grid changes the game.

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Walkable America Splash page for the online book

Photoshopping a walkable America

During my Urban Planning days, I worked for the top US talent creating urban visualization scenarios. "Viz Sims" help people to agree on the future. It’s that powerful.

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3D LEGO truck

Video Games of old

The 90’s were an exciting time of video game development. I was lucky. I worked on a number of well-known hits. I started with using primitive tools like Photoshop BETA & DPaint Animate.

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Screenshot of QBert, a popular video game

8-bit DeBabelizing, DeBabelized

Now that we’re immersed in a world of 24- and 32-bit color, nobody blinks an eye at the glutton of memory use. Back in the day, we crunched color to 8-bit hardcore. Here’s how.

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Cover picture of the Book and DVD

West African Eve Rhythms for Drumset DVD

It was my huge pleasure developing and producing the instructional DVD for this ambitious and culturally deep music book.

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Product shot of the DVD for Deviant Rhythms

Tradition in a world of change

In 2000 I noticed the hybridization of the classical Indian music I grew up on, mixed with the Hip-Hop I loved. I made a documentary about the hybridization of both.

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3D rendering of an Expedition Vehicle

Expedition Overlanding in a Tiny Home

#Vanlife has become a YouTube sensation as of late. I simply set out to build a tiny home, but on wheels. Here is my journey.

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